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Book Your Ceremony

Book Brampton Grange, Northampton for your ceremony


Congratulations.....you've chosen Brampton Grange as your venue.


If you have decided to have a Civil Ceremony rather than a Church wedding or a Celebrant led event, you'll need to book the Registrars. The responsibility to book your ceremony with the Registrars lies with you. We are not able to do this for you.


We recommend booking as soon as you have confirmed your date with us, or we can hold a date for 7 days which gives you plenty of time to book the Registrars.


The process is very simple and you can use this link to book:  https://westnorthamptonshire.zipporah.co.uk/Registrars/


Here is a link to step by step instructions of how to book your ceremony.

How to book your ceremony

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