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Luxury Accommodation in Northampton

Luxury Accommodation for up to 15 guests.


Welcome to the historic Brampton Grange House, a timeless gem steeped in over 400 years of heritage, crafted from the enduring beauty of Northamptonshire sandstone. Originally erected centuries ago, this venerable estate found its place in the illustrious annals of history when it was acquired by the esteemed Spencer Family of the Althorp Estate in 1825. Since then, for the past 22 years, Brampton Grange has been under private ownership, serving as an exquisite venue for weddings, conferences, and opulent accommodations.

Imbued with an air of refinement, Brampton Grange exudes a luxurious charm while retaining the enchanting allure of yesteryears, with its picturesque stone floors, majestic fireplaces, and rustic timber beams adorning its interiors.

The heart of our estate is Brampton Grange House, where up to 15 esteemed guests are warmly welcomed to partake in an unforgettable sojourn. Within its storied walls lie a grand entrance area, inviting sitting room, elegant drawing room, sunlit conservatory, stately dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and eight sumptuously appointed en-suite bedrooms. As a delightful indulgence, guests are also granted access to our refreshing swimming pool nestled within the tranquil embrace of the private walled garden, open from May to September.

Whether seeking solitude or reveling in conviviality, Brampton Grange House offers the perfect haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, available for either self-catered escapes or indulgent bed and breakfast retreats. Renowned as a cherished sanctuary for weddings, couples are welcomed to arrive early on their special day, ensuring ample time for preparation and anticipation. Departure is equally leisurely, with a relaxed midday checkout or the option for an extended stay to savor the post-celebration bliss.

In addition to the main house, our estate boasts three charmingly converted stable cottages, just a leisurely stroll from the manor. Available for individual hire or as an extension of the estate, these quaint abodes offer a cozy retreat, complete with the comforts of home and a delicious breakfast to start your day. Perfect for a myriad of occasions, from family reunions and milestone anniversaries to productive business meetings and team-building endeavors, Brampton Grange House and its cottages provide an idyllic backdrop for cherished moments.

Conveniently located a short drive from Silverstone, our accommodations are in high demand during major events such as the renowned "British GP" and thrilling "Superbikes" race days, offering a serene respite amidst the excitement.

Nestled amidst tranquil landscapes, Brampton Grange beckons with its timeless allure and genteel hospitality. We cordially invite you to experience the splendor of our country estate firsthand, as a personal viewing is recommended to fully appreciate the splendor of Brampton Grange House and its charming cottages.


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Luxurious accommodation at Brampton Grange, Northampton


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