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News and Events

News and Events

Feb 5, 2019

Lifestyle Blogger Katy Taylor Fox


My wedding venue 

I felt creating a blog post all about our wedding venue was very important to me. The reason being, because of the experience we had there.

Firstly I feel I have to start this post by talking about Tracey, Tracey is the wedding planner at our venue and from the very first meeting I felt a certain feeling. I hadn’t felt it at any other place and to be honest we hadn’t looked at many because once we visited BRAMPTON GRANGE the wedding venue viewing stopped. We had found our venue.

It was in the evening, and I remember walking in to the warm toned fairy lit conservatory area. It felt inviting and calm, soon Tracey walked over with a smile on her face and introduced herself, I instantly felt at ease. I found the venue viewing quite nerve racking because it felt like such a big decision, when would we know we found THE place? Thankfully we felt it straight away at BRAMPTON GRANGE.

Through the conservatory led to the barn, I felt it was quite a modern barn area which is what I wanted without knowing it. I was never really interested by the old style barns and brick it isn’t us as a couple, even though I appreciate how beautiful they are. The walls were covered in draped material and covered in fairy lights, beautiful chandeliers hung, it felt like US! There was a top barn area which went up higher and that was where all of the tables were positioned, which meant that they could stay there for the evening while the bottom barn was the dance floor. It felt so big but we hoped it would be filled with loved ones dancing to our carefully curated playlist, and that it was!

From that moment meeting Tracey to this very day I never doubted our venue, my love for it just grew and seeing it on the very day of our wedding made me fall in love with it all over again with our styling of the flowers, linen and table accessories. My heart was completely full that day. What made it more full was knowing that some very special loved ones that couldn’t be there were very much there, I have a story behind this, but that is personal and something I want to keep for myself and loved ones, something that made my wedding day the best it could possibly be!

The whole experience planning our wedding with Tracey was perfect, she was always there at the end of the phone, replied to emails straight away, even offered her own advice which was always so helpful being the indecisive person that I am. Nothing was too much for her and for that I am forever grateful.

BRAMPTON GRANGE has a beautiful courtyard area, we hoped for a sunny day and could picture our family and friends sitting down around the tables enjoying the sun, chatting and getting to know one another. My younger family members were playing on the grass in front of the beautiful stately home on the grounds, playing with children they had never met before. James Thompson was singing while people sipped (or downed their sambuca in my besties case) their drinks. While all of this was happening the sun was shining, we got our beautiful day, the courtyard was buzzing with laughs, conversations, family reminiscing. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. In the evening we had a bbq to go along with the beautiful summers day. In the courtyard they have a shack and this is where the bbq is served.

The grounds are centred around beautiful picturesque countryside, which made the courtyard area that more pleasant to be in because you could look out and see fields upon fields of greenery. It really is a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle, for me its a place of it own. When I have been back since the wedding to visit Tracey who has become my friend, I always feel calm and happy, its almost like once I’m there it gives me that wholeness feeling that I experienced on the day of our wedding. Im lucky enough to be able to visit Tracey and feel those emotions every time I drive through the gates and up the long drive.



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